Time to grab the bull by the horns and lose my BOATERS BELLY!

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  1. Amanda says:

    A lot of what you have written I and my husband are very familiar with…overweight, psoriasis, sluggish, aches and pains… al I can say is persevere, and just keep walking…with weight loss you may just find the hip pain goes.
    18 months ago bread with accompanying butter disappeared from our meals, Pastry, pasta, cakes, fruit juice, biscuits, etc all the stuff we used to bulk our meals out, particularly when onboard. our consumption of above the ground veg and fruit increased hugely. We eat no commercial Low-fat food eg.only full-fat plain yogurt., but some meat and lots of cheese. No take-always, no supermarket prepared meals. We do drink occasional beer wine. It sounds hard, possibly boring, but we have never eaten so well, and we have lost weight, slowly and I have dropped 2sizes And I walk a lot, and when on canals, I now walk ahead of the boat most of the day and lock, and we are often on the move for 8 hours. Husband swims and gyms, but not a walker. His weight loss is slower but he looking, feeling a lot better. Doctor has said he is no longer pre-diabetic, and chlolesterol reading is low.

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