Will demand for CANAL LIVING continue as house prices soar?

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  1. Sandra says:

    Our story! I had always wanted to live anywhere remote. One day we cleaned one of our customers rental properties. I was in love! We put our house on the market to rent a beautiful, very large farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. We’ve had an absolute blast, no neighbours for 2 miles. My 9 year old pretty much spends the whole time in the garden. Fast forward 2 years. The eldest has moved out and 18 yr old won’t be long. Decided we would buy a boat with our house profit with a view to moving aboard in 5 years time. So we spent time aboard loving it. 6 months later and we’re 2 weeks away from moving on. We were spending £900 in rent, £80 heating oil, £50 electric, £50 water, £200 council tax. At the boat we have a permanant mooring for a while. £160 a month including electric and water. No brainer really!!
    My eldest put a deposit on a boat last weekend…… it’s catching!

  2. Cheryl Spencer says:

    I would love to live afloat. I’ve been watching from the sidelines for a while (enviously) and I’d certainly like to cut my overheads. I wish there were more avenues to learn about boating on a hands on, informal way- and preferably not ridiculously expensive! I’d like to get a boat built, but there seems to be so many different reviews about boat builders; quality, after sales, etc. To be honest, that worries me a little and I don’t feel I have which thing knowledge to but an old(er) boat and not run into issues with the hull etc. It’s the peacefulness and communityvthat most appeals to me about living aboard. Finances too.

    A question to add: if more people, and therefore likely a more diverse cross section of people join the live aboard community, (larger families= larger boats rather than what I’m guessing the majority of canal dwelling public to be- singles, couples, retirees, etc)… Would there be more problems with widebeams? Would old, disused canals be repaired? Connected more? Widened? Would the government spot an opportunity and increase fees in different ways? Eg a council tax charge when you license your boat? Moorings bought? Is any of that even possible?

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