Warning: Bridge 244 on the Oxford Canal CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

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  1. Steve Baines (architect and occasional narrowboater) says:

    Always believed this could be a brilliant addition to the city. Bring back the canal basin!

    • Richard MacKenzie says:

      Wahoo! The revolution has begun! Thanks for the comment, Steve. Just looking over on twitter I see that MP for Oxford Layla Moran has retweeted this post to her followers!

  2. Tony Clayton says:

    It would be great for boaters coming to Oxford – the end of the canal looks forgotten and sad. It should be a destination, not a dead end.

  3. Gerry McHugh says:

    Lovely walk from Wolvercote to Hythe bridge st along canal.2009 Also found canal masters house off New road. Aand alley??? in2010.Amazing idea to open up the wharf and boat basin.Grew up in Oxford but knew nothing of this till revisit. Good Luck with your plans.

  4. That whole arm from Louse (sorry – Isis) lock used to be silted up and chained off. It was dredged out. Then became permanent moorings for scruffy boats which never went anywhere. The same thing would happen to the Basin. I used to live and work at Castle Mill Boatyard. I even used the old forge that was there. Much better to have saved that than pie-in-the-sky ideas.

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